Flow Enterprise helps portals unlock untapped revenue streams and traffic with off-site social media and digital ads. Flow’s state-of-the-art platform supports multiple digital channels including Facebook, Instagram, Google, Digital Billboards and more. With advanced automation capabilities, portal users can easily publish professional, branded, targeted brand and listing ads including video and carousel ads, as part of their portal subscription.

With multiple, seamless integration options, there is minimal to no development required. Portals can set-and-forget this value added product resulting in effortless, additional revenue and an enhanced user experience.

With more than 5 000 campaigns run and more than 1 billion ad impressions already served, Flow is unlocking exponential revenue growth for portals in South America, Canada, UK, Australia, South Africa and Israel.  Built by trailblazing AdTech entrepreneurs and backed by 20 years of experience, Flow’s advanced tech platform is the competitive advantage you need.

Turn your traffic into tangible revenue! Email sales@flowliving.com or book a demo directly here: www.flowliving.com.